FOSTBC expanding the Trust

Help us to realise our dream.

FOSTBC expanding the Trust
As supporters of FOSTBC you will know that for some time we have been working towards our dream of expanding the work of the Trust. We have now found the ideal property to purchase and looking forward to being able to realise this dream. As the property is not as yet officially on the market we cannot give you the exact location but we can tell you that it is in easy access for our team and for our vets. If we go ahead we will be able to have many more bespoke kennels for specialist needs, undercover all weather training facility, additional high fenced exercise areas, increased facilities for behavioural training, a peace garden, a shop and so much more.
We need your help to realise this dream - can you help us hit our 308,149 target by the end of August to secure the purchase of the property? Any fundraising you do big or small will help. We will be promoting fundraising events and ideas, but we need your help in achieving our fundraising target.
please use the link below to our gofundme page for more info

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