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Working for the benefit of Border Collies

The Freedom of Spirit Trust is based at Mainline Border Collie and Behavioural Centre

The Freedom of Spirit Trust is dedicated to the welfare and future of the Border Collie. On our pages you will find information about the Trust and how it was formed, our work, the history of the Border Collie and its role today and in the future.

Our aims are to help promote a better understanding of the breed and its needs. We are not just a rescue kennels we also have a behavioural unit and we give sanctuary to needy, old, infirm dogs or those in need of rehabilitation or a healing time. The Trust is a Charitable organisation and depends on donations to help to keep these dogs, to rehabilitate those in need and to rehome those which are capable of being rehomed.

Border Collies are a breed of integrity, loyalty and great freedom of spirit and this is far more important than any trophies or medals they can earn for their owners. Our ancestors worked hard to give us a loyal and true working partner and it is our belief that to ensure we preserve this heritage for generations to come we must strive to lessen the divide between the farmer’s dog and the companion dog; they are one and the same. Good and cruel owners exist in both, competition addicts and loving handlers exist in both, dogs may live in outside accommodation or sleep on your bed, but there is only one Border Collie and this is what The Freedom of Spirit Trust is about. It matters little who the owner is or what their lifestyle is, what matters is the amount of love and understanding they are prepared to give, for you can guarantee that for every little bit you give a Border Collie you will get over a hundred times back and that is worth nurturing for generations to come.