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We need to get to know about you and the type of collie you are looking for. Please fill in and submit this adoption form prior to your next step of contacting the Trust for an initial visit or to discuss adoption more thoroughly.

    Your personal details

    Information about you

    How many hours a day are you out of the household? (weekdays)
    How many hours a day are you out of the household? (weekends)
    How long would the dog regularly be left alone?
    Do you have any other volunteer/social commitments?
    Do you have any upcoming holidays/work commitments away from home?
    What provisions do you make for your dog when you go on holiday?

    Details of your home

    How many people live in your household?
    Is your home?
    How many children are resident in your household?
    How many children visit your household?
    Do you have any other dogs, pets or livestock?
    If YES, please provide details of other dogs, pets or livestock
    Have you owned or adopted a Border Collie before?
    What type of property?
    Is your house owned or Rented?
    Does you house have a garden?
    If you have a garden, how high is your border/fencing?

    Further information

    Please explain simply and in your own words why you want a border collie...
    It will help us find the right dog for you, if you can tell us how much experience you may have had and if you have previously had dogs with issues...
    Please can you tell us what age group you are in and what age dog you are hoping to adopt...