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This page is our gallery for news, updates and photographs of Trust dogs that came into our care and have been successfully rehomed.

We’re very proud of our family of dogs and we love to keep in touch with them, receive updates and see photographs of them enjoying their new lives.

We hope you all enjoy this page as much as we enjoy knowing we have some really lovely, happy dogs in their forever homes and if you have adopted one of our dogs please send us an update and some photographs so we post them on our gallery.

A special thank you to all our supports and to everyone who has adopted our dogs and is giving them a wonderful life.

Success Stories

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Moss was adopted four years ago and is still handsome now as he was then. He loves his life going on holidays and visiting dog friendly hotels and pubs – don’t we all, bless him. We love it when we get photos and updates of our adopted dogs.


This lovely old lad is called Tyne and was over ten when he was adopted. He came to us as a retired working dog ready for a soft bed and warm hearth. He is now adopted and is having a great live walking, getting lots of attention and is a very happy lad.

Meet our dogs for adoption

Before deciding on having a Border Collie, you need to ask one question, “How much of myself am I prepared to give?” Border Collies are very intelligent and sensitive and providing time for a game with a ball, a half hour walk or a weekly training session is not enough, they need to be part of your life. Taking a dog into your home is a big responsibility and the more information about the breed and its requirements you have, the easier it will be to understand your dog.

If you are considering applying to give one of our Trust dogs a home you may need to be prepared to spend at least one day, and possibly two, with the dog you have chosen to make sure you are certain he or she is right for you. This will also give us the opportunity to assess you both together and to help you to understand each other.

We do not insist you become involved in any dog activity or go to training classes. But we do need to know that you are dedicated to the welfare of your dog, can provide a calm and secure home and are prepared to put in the time needed initially to get know each other.


Gary is just under two years old and is under assessment. We will update him…

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Duke is a middle aged gentlman of just over seven, he is lovely lad but…

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Daisy is seven and a half she is a lovely who needs us to do…

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Meg is eight years old she is under assessment but she has no issues that…

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Glen is a lovely natured lad he is good on a lead and has a…

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Ben is a collie cross and is approx four years old. He's a lovely dog,…

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Nell is eleven years old, she was very matted up when she came to us…

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Sam is approximately three years old and is under assessment

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Fly is four years old and is a sweetheart. She can be quiet until she…

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Cai is good on a lead and good with other dogs. He is a very…

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Bella is a very energetic and clever little collie. We still need to assess her…

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Spot is a very bouncy seven year old lad. He is very friendly and loves…

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Lad is young and a little bit shy but he is slowly coming out of…

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Ruby is four years old. She is very affectionate and loves a good massage, she's…

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Luna is 5 years old and a charming girl once you get to know her.…

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Lass has been in a new home for ten days before coming back into our…

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Sam has responding really well to his training. He was very nervous but is getting…

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Jess is a lovely little girl, she's been good at the vet's and has been…

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We have been doing a lot of work with Bob and he is changing from…

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Chip has quite rightfully won a special place in our hearts with his funny behaviours…

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Misty is a very nervous little girl needing lots of time and patience. Misty was…

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