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Chip has quite rightfully won a special place in our hearts with his funny behaviours and soft nature. He has overcome so much since he came here, and we are all very proud of the smashing young man he has become! Chip has calmed down significantly showing us his softer, loving side. He walks out well on a lead and is proving how much he loves to learn. Chip loves spending time with his trainers encountering new challenges, learning new skills and, of course, enjoying plenty of time getting some fuss and attention. He can be a bit shy towards other dogs at first but has been able to walk out and sometimes play with them in a controlled environment nicely. He has a few quirks that are likely to stay so he will need an experienced owner who is willing to take their time with him and truly get to understand this gorgeous boy.

Chip is quite nervous around traffic and children so will need a home with little traffic, no children and potentially no other dog depending on the age and temperament.