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Legacies are very special, they are your way of expressing the love you have for someone or something and to us they mean we can continue with our work.

We can improve, expand and know that the dogs in our care will always have sufficient funding to be looked after and provided for and whether a small or large gift they are always very appreciated. Legacies are also very personal and often, by following your heart, you can leave something that is not only an amazing gift but is also something very special for you to be remembered by.

Benefactors have gifted some wonderful things to the Trust in one of the three types of donations below

Residuary Gift – is the gift of all (or part) of the value of your estate after debts, liabilities and other legacies have been paid. The Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies was founded with the help of such a legacy.

A Pecuniary Gift – is the gift of a particular sum of money. Such legacies have helped to continue improving and expanding our facilities, including building the behavioural unit and outdoor play areas.

Specific – is the gift of a specified item that could be property, a painting or a piece of jewellery. With such gifts we have been able to purchase a treadmill for our overweight collies and those with muscle wastage, and securely fence a large exercise paddock.

Making a will, or adding a codicil to your existing will, ensures that however you want your love of dogs to be remembered it will be done according to your wishes.

Your dog

Making provisions in your will for your dog isn’t always enough. If you don’t have family and friends who know your wishes, or who are going give your dog a home, it is possible that by the time your will has been opened that your dog has been handed into care.

You can make provisions to safeguard your pet against this happening. All you need to do is make sure that you have left the necessary information with someone close to you, or a friend or neighbour, and send all the details of your request to the FOSTBC. We will take your dog directly into our care and if we cannot find a home that we believe you would have approved of he or she will remain in our Sanctuary and become one of our much loved residents.

Our Dreams

Our first dream for a rescue with a behavioural unit and play areas has been realised.

But we are still dreaming of turning our somewhat basic grooming room into a really modern shower and bath facility for our dogs and we would love to have an undercover exercise arena.

But our main dream is to keep on expanding and to open an additional centre for the Trust. It really would be a dream come true if we could purchase a property where we could have custom built kennels, a training and education centre, and large indoor arenas for both training and exercise.

We can only dream but you can help those dreams to become a reality.

Thank you so much for following your heart and for remembering the Trust and our rescue Border Collies.