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The Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies is a Non-Profit Distributing Charitable Company limited by Guarantee.

  • Registered in England on 27th June 2007
  • Company Registration Number 6294336
  • Charity Registration Number 1121598
  • Registered Office: Golcar Farm, Spring Lane, Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 3AU

The Objects listed below form part of the Memorandum of Association, our Governing Document..

Objects of the Charity

The Charity’s objects are to promote humane behaviour towards Border Collie dogs by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for Border Collies which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage and to educate the public in matters pertaining to Border Collie welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among Border Collie dogs.

The Freedom of Spirit Trust is the realisation of a dream through the generosity of the late Mr and Mrs Mahone. Barbara Sykes had a dream of a sanctuary for old and needy Border Collies and in part that sanctuary was already in existence through the rescue work done at Mainline Border Collie Centre. Mr and Mrs Mahone enabled the ball to start rolling for the birth of the Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies and it was their expressed wish that the work was for the benefit of Border Collies as covered in the Objects above.

Message from the Trustees

We will work hard and positively to honour the dream and respect the legacy. We will not be spending Trust money and your donations on anything we consider to be unnecessary items. For example, sponsors will be advised of the progress of the dog they are supporting, but we will not be sending Christmas or birthday cards from Trust dogs. We will not spend money on direct marketing. News items and updates on all our dogs and their progress will be on this website and in the Trust pages of the Freedom of Spirit magazine.

We, and any future Trustees, will not support any form of training that can cause pain or discomfort to a dog and will maintain the more gentle and holistic approach of TLC-Thinking Like Canines – developed by Barbara Sykes to help people to understand and communicate better with their dog. We are passionate about the future of Border Collies and will do everything we can to promote a better understanding of the breed both as a working dog and a companion.