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We Will Remember Them

Today is a day for remembrance. For reflection and for celebration of the lives lost in some of our darkest hours. It’s a day to thank those who risked their lives so that we could continue to live ours in safety and hope.
To all the men, women and animals we thank you. You stood in the face of evil, death and turmoil and continued to fight for your families, friends and the entire nation. Through all the pain and suffering, you brought us light and encouragement. You gave us the strength in knowing that one day we would be safe, giving your lives to save those around you in a selfless act of heroics. We shall never forget your sacrifice, we shall never forget your names, we shall never forget.
Rows of poppies stand proud,
In fields where once you crowd,
Crimson red, the colour of dread,
Fills the fields around
The sound of hooves and human shoes,
Marching through the ground,
You protected us,
You defended us,
You gave your lives,
So we could find,
Peace in all surrounds
Winds of ice and rains that sliced,
You stood in fields of brown,
In the skies,
The pigeon flies,
Carrying messages that helped us fight
Our K9 friends,
More than defence,
A dog’s nose,
So sharp and poised,
Kept us safe,
And helped us face,
The very darkest of our days
Mans best friend,
We could depend,
On saving our very souls,
If not in fight,
In love and light,
They kept us on in hope
To the equines,
You were our lifelines,
Carrying our very souls,
Moving those in strength and in dignity,
You marched on in bravery and in nobility
Tiny mice and those that might,
Tread carefully along the mines,
To keep man safe,
As they took their place,
In fighting to save their home
Today we reflect,
On those that had left,
On those that may rest,
In peace
In life as in death,
We never forget,
The footsteps of those who have left,
Instead we give thanks,
And celebrate the fact,
We had such fine men to protect,
The land we call home,
You gave us all hope,
In times of fear and dread
Rows of poppies stand proud,
In fields where once you crowd,
Crimson red,
We no longer dread,
As you kept us safe and sound
We will remember you,
We will honour you,
We will stand like poppies proud,
Of all those,
Both great and small,
Who saved so many souls.