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We know Blue was born in 2017, we also know he had at least three different homes prior to coming into the Trust. As always with new dogs we let them settle and in Blue showed no sign of being aggressive to anyone. However going to the vet was a different matter, he turned on ‘attack mode’. Back at the Trust he was fine but out and about where he could see strangers that ‘mode’ kicked in again. At the Trust he doesn’t have to face anything that may upset him or flick that angry switch. We are very careful to monitor any possible triggers and, like all our Sanctuary dogs, there is never any pressure on them to be anything other than what they are. Blue does have a problem with vision as on eye only has half a lid. We don’t like to think about what happened but suffice for him to know he is safe.

As you can see he loves a ball and he loves to use his paws as hands. He likes going for quiet walks  round the farm, gravy bones and pig’s ears.

Blue hates being brushed and anyone he doesn’t know.


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