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Please look at the dogs in our care and see if there is one that can be special to you.
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The FOSTBC is a charity, which relies on your donations, sponsorship and fundraising.

Your support is always greatly appreciated.

Donations are tax exempt and Gift Aid can be claimed. Registered Charity Number 1121598
Calendars and Christmas Cards Look out for our 2015 Calendar which will be out shortly and two new Christmas Card designs
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Fund Raising
Christmas fund raising event We are very excited to announce that on Saturday 22nd November, we will be holding a Sheepdog History Exhibition & Christmas Fair in Eldwick, West Yorkshire. More information to follow but please make it a diary date it will be a great day out.
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Dame Ellen MacArthur

Find out how Ellen's getting involved with the FOSTBC, her passion for Border Collies (as well as the sea).

About the breed

A valuable insight into Border Collies, their history, behaviour and training