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Malc is the sweetest boy you could ever wish to meet. He will be 3 years old in March, is good on a lead, loves his cuddles and is normal happy collie but he had an infection when he was younger that will cost him his sight. Malc will eventually lose his sight completely but he doesn’t, and never will let it bother him. He is already learning the vocal signals we teach partially sighted or blind dogs. He is learning when to turn left, right, to stop, to be cautious. He may remain partially sighted for many years but when the time comes he will be ready for it.

Malc just needs a loving home with someone who understands his needs, someone with patience and who has probably had experience with blind or partially sighted dogs, although we will of course help with any training/advice etc.

Four years ago we rehomed a blind dog, he couldn’t see anything but he knew exactly where the ball landed – everytime. I am sure his adopters would be happy to talk you through the joys and the fun such a dog will share with you.