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Dottie is just over four years old, she is good on a lead and has been fine with light traffic, she is lovely natured girl who has lived with another do but would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She is fine walking out when there are other dogs she knows but she can be very fearful of unknown dogs. Her lead walking training is still on-going but is generally very good

Dottie is looking for a home with someone who wants a companion to share long walks with. She is lovely friendly amiable girl and is looking forward to someone giving her the forever home she needs.

If Dottie were a human she would welcome people bringing their problems to her and than panic when she doesn’t have an answer. She would love to go to a party but when she got there would panic and go back home. She would have a job where big decisions were not her problem but would be great at keeping everyone happy but without too much responsibility. If it got too much for her she would go into panic mode. But she would feel happy and content going out with her best friend and having a quiet day or evening without any stress.