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Bess is approximately 4 years old, she has been assessed and we are now working with her for training for lead walking. She is clean in her pen and although she can be picky with some dogs she is usually very good, if a little over enthusiastic when it comes to playing with them.

Bess needs to be with someone who is experiencd with collies and is happy to do a lot of calm walking. She loves being with people and is now learning her leave command, She is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

Bess is ready for rehoming and is looking for a calm home that is not in a built up area.

If Bess were a human she would love a nice garden, would chat to the neighbours, but only if she felt like it, and would love going out for long walks in the country where she would stop for a chat with like minded people. But if they became too fussy she would just pass them by. She would be content to snuggle up on an evening on the settee, but if not in the mood would sit and read a book instead.