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Barbara Sykes has had a lifetime of working around animals and from an early age learned to appreciate the skills, boundless enthusiasm and intelligence of the working Border Collie.

With her dogs as constant companions, she has been able to study and observe both pack and individual mentality on a daily basis and at close hand. She has been involved all her life in training, teaching and canine behaviour and from early on realised that training a dog becomes much easier if you understand pack instincts and canine communication.

From there developed the concept that to train a dog you first need to teach the handler basic pack rules and body language. This became the basis for her own training technique which was officially named TLC – THINKING LIKE CANINES – in 1998. She has many years of successful behavioural consultations behind her including a client base in Australia, Finland, Germany, France, USA and Spain, who she works with via video, email and phone.

Barbara Sykes

Trustee, Head of Behaviour, Kennel Manager