Keeping up with FOSTBC

adopters and sponsors day

looking forward to a lovely day

Adopters and sponsors day 24th September.
We will have 2 sessions 10-12 and 1-3. Please send an email to if you would like to join one of them and let us know if you have a preference for the time.
As its been such a long time since we have been able to host one and because everyones favourite part has always been catching up, chatting and meeting the different dogs and owners this year we are keeping it casual with drinks tea/coffee and cakes and time to just be together as well as some sponsor dogs coming to see their sponsors.
Look forward to seeing as many of you there as we can fit in

English National Sheepdog Trials

Site location TD15 2UN Beerwick upon Tweed

We will be at the trial on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of July if you are in area plese come and visit our FOSTBC tent. Andy, Sarah, Barbara and Ghislaine will be there with Tess, Digby and youngest Ambassador dog Bonny.

Looking forward to meeting old friend and new

getting back to normal

busy week at the trust

its been a bit chaotic as the site was down for nearly a week, this was a server problem and beyond our control, still not perfect but getting there. This put us well behind with updating but all sorted now and the good news is..........

Tan, our dog of the week is now settling in to his forever home.
Always got to be a positive from a negative

Meet Tan

Our dog of the week

Tan is ready for homing and this week he has shown what a fun loving lad he is, he just loves to run round the garden. He's a lovely dog but he can be fussy who he wants to be friends with, he's a lovely nature but he can be a tad rude and ignore people when he's that side out.

Great oaks from little acorns:

Welcome to our wishing tree which Bev Ibbotson, adopter, supporter and amazing artist, has painted for us and she's waiting to make it grow much bigger.

We get regular donations for events such as celebratery, congratulation, happy birthday, that 'big win' and loving memory, and we thought it would be a brilliant idea for it not only to be able to be recognised by both the giver and the receiver, but for them to see how it is helping our oak tree and subsequently our rescue to grow.
The donations for 'wishes' on the tree will go directly to our project and as the little oak fills up Bev will 'grow' it on the board, don't worry your wishes will remain on it as it grows, and who know when its full, we may even be able to start a little forest.
FOSTBC expansion will enable us to help more dogs, have indoor training facilities, peace gardens, open days, training days seminars and much more
All you need to do is let us know if you want a round disc or a bone and the wording you want on it with a minimum donation of 20.00 and leave the rest to us. We will let you know when it is ready, email you a photograph of it and update the tree, both on our website and on Facebook.
Round disc, up to 7 lines 15 characters per line. Bone 4 lines 25 characters per line, spaces count as characters.
Please help us to grow our tree and FOSTBC by remembering our Wishing Tree when you need to say something special to someone or to remember a much-loved friend or pet.
Donations can be made to Paypal, direct to bank, cheque etc. don't forget to let us have your wording.

dogs into rescue

Covid dogs and the next two years

At the moment we are still getting several forms sent PER DAY for dogs to come in to rescue. It's always sad when a dog has to come to a rescue and there are so many genuine cases which we always try to cater for.
But there are also the ones under two years old bought during Covid and are now seeking rescue space because the ownere are back at work, etc. They are nearly all unruly teenagers and at least 90 percent of them are aggressive. pups are hard work and need guidelines and parenting and if they hit adolescence and, through no fault of their own, are aggressive it becomes very difficult to rehome them. With full kennels we have to prioritise. But even worse news is that already we are getting the backlash from people who have had to go back to work for financial reasons after the massive hike in fuel bills etc. I can see the kennels being full for a very long time and its so sad that at the end of the day its the dogs that are suffering.

If you have anything you would like us to cover on these updates or if you would like to make a comment on them please emai
It would be nice for visitors to our site to know how other feel so if you would like us to post a comment for you we would be happy to with no name or contact. Just your feelings on the subject.

Never too busy

Always time for a cuddle

With a lot of dogs in our rescue we're always very busy but nobody is ever too busy for a cuddle. Little Timmy having a bit of quality time with Lucy

Busy day

checking on the oldies

The dogs in our Sanctuary cannot be rehomed either because of health or behavioural issues.

Today we've been having a flea/worm/diet check on them all. Periodically diets need changing to keep them fit and healthy.

All the dogs in our Sanctuary can be sponsored. Montly bank payments from sponsors help us to keep these dogs healthy and happy. They can be sponsored from as little as 5.00 a month and sponsors get a certificate, the dog's history and can keep up with their selected dog on a private facebook page designed just for our sponsors

Pictured are Benny and Murphy, both are are 14 years old and would love to be sponsored.


Our little three legged girl rehomed

Great news. Our little Bess has had a home offered. She's just over eight years old and had to have a frong leg amputated.

FOSTBC expanding the Trust

Help us to realise our dream.

FOSTBC expanding the Trust
As supporters of FOSTBC you will know that for some time we have been working towards our dream of expanding the work of the Trust. We have now found the ideal property to purchase and looking forward to being able to realise this dream. As the property is not as yet officially on the market we cannot give you the exact location but we can tell you that it is in easy access for our team and for our vets. If we go ahead we will be able to have many more bespoke kennels for specialist needs, undercover all weather training facility, additional high fenced exercise areas, increased facilities for behavioural training, a peace garden, a shop and so much more.
We need your help to realise this dream - can you help us hit our 308,149 target by the end of August to secure the purchase of the property? Any fundraising you do big or small will help. We will be promoting fundraising events and ideas, but we need your help in achieving our fundraising target.

fostbc logo history

Hope by name and hope by nature

Our logo isn't just a name with a photograph it has a lot of history to it.
Please open the PDF below to find out more about our logo history and Hope