Video Gallery

We hope you enjoy our videos and we have quite a selection for you, including some or our rescue dogs and their antics which are sure to make you chuckle.

From Sanctuary dogs, to behind the scenes of the rescue, to light hearted sit back enjoy videos we hope they give you an insight into what we do, what is involved in running the rescue and of course to just how great and resilient these dogs are.

Happy dogs
Keeping dogs happing with garden and in house games
It's not all cuddles and hugs, poo picking, feeding, washing, its all in a day's work but the results are worth every minute
It's snow joke
just a few clips of our five days of being snowed in. It had its light moments and its 'how much longer can this go on' moments but the dogs really didn't seem to care, they were fed, watered and exercised and were happy.
Strictly Cleo
Our beautiful Sanctuary dog Cleo is thinking maybe she should be a competitor in Strictly! She's sure got the moves!
Shared moments
We thought you might like to see some of our special moments, we really hope you like seeing the comic side of our dogs and some of the really special moments we have been lucky enough to have with them
FOSTBC Border Collies in Sanctuary
We are grateful to everyone who sponsors the collies in our Sanctuary. The reasons why they can't be rehomed are mainly due to ill health or behavoural issues, most of them are on special diets and there are the ongoing food and vet bills each month. We are grateful to everyone who supports these dogs by sponsoring them and this video hopefully shows you the kind of life our rescue and Sanctuary dogs lead and although they are not all curled up by someones fireside they do get lots of attention and fresh air. We hope you enjoy watching them.
Rockin' Rocky
Rocky is in our Sanctuary. He has a lot of issues which is why he can't be homed. He is safe in our Sanctuary and loves everyone who works with him but he has become the our KC dog - the Kennel Clown! He loves his fun, loves hide and seek and loves to play 'dodge' in the garden with Josh.
Rob's adventure
When Rob came to us he was so scared that we couldn't touch him or even get near him. It has taken a lot of time and patience but slowly and without any pressure he has learnt to trust us. We are now working on encouraging him to walk out with different trainers and to see more of the world outside our gate. Today this was a huge adventure for Rob and he was so excited he.... well watch the video and you will see!!
Happy Waggers
Digby and Megan having fun and wagging in unison

Training Video Gallery

We always adapt our training techniques to each dog’s character and temperament. We hope that by updating our videos throughout the year showing different issues or problems it will be interesting and will also show you how we work on our dogs prior to rehoming.

We will also include regular videos with basic good manners training such as lead walking and recall.

dog's eye view
Looking at life from the dog's perspective helps us to understand some of their behaviour that might puzzle us
lead walking, recall and other dogs
All dogs are different and in the rescue we have lots of dogs with similar problems but needing different ways of handling but the principal always remains the same. Learning to lead walk & getting a good recall with these a dog can then be taught how to react with other dogs.
Lead training for different temperaments
Lead training a strong dog has the same Thinking Like Canines principle as for a nervous dog but is far more subtle, and instead of refusing a dog to take the lead it encourages a dog to feel secure. When a dog is well mannered on a lead the walks become faster and more relaxed.