Success Stories

This page is our gallery for news, updates and photographs of Trust dogs that came into our care and have been successfully rehomed.

We’re very proud of our family of dogs and we love to keep in touch with them, receive updates and see photographs of them enjoying their new lives.

We hope you all enjoy this page as much as we enjoy knowing we have some really lovely, happy dogs in their forever homes and if you have adopted one of our dogs please send us an update and some photographs so we post them on our gallery.

A special thank you to all our supports and to everyone who has adopted our dogs and is giving them a wonderful life.

Elsie is really settled in her new home, so settled that she has stopped exploring and is happy to chill out and relax
Fleet has been in his forever home for three years and who said collies can't chill out.
Happy was an escape artist and could open doors and let himself out for walk but with his new family he doesn't need to do that anymore. He's a well travelled lad, has his own passport and loves being in the car. One lucky, Happy, lad.
Flossie was found in a park as a stray and it took several days to find her. She soon settled and is now a very happy little lady who loves to pose.
A very nervous little dog when she came into our care, she is now with safe, secure and much more confident. Another couch potato - just goes to show collies can be very chilled out
Robbie & Evan
Evan was the the first of these two lucky lads to leave us and be adopted and then not long after Robbie came into our care and joined the happy Mike and Evan home. Proper collie bro's.
nothing can beat a soft carpet, something to lean on and a gentle stroke for a collie.
This little girl came into our care nearly three years ago she was thin and very nervous and although much improved she still had a long way to go when Lynn adopted her. She has been amazing with her taking a lot of time and being very patient and just look how its paid off. What a beautiful confident little collie Lassie is now.
alfie is not only a handsome lad he knows it! Here he is posing and looking everybit a handsome Border Collie
Handsome Taff not only has a new home but a television to watch, we're wondering what his favourite programme is. Whatever it is he's a very lucky lad if he can choose what he watches!
Buddy was one of our senior dogs, a lovely old gentleman with good manners and very gentle. He has been in his home for over a year and loves to spend quiet moments by the fireside
Trixie is enjoying every minute in her new home and playing with her best buddy Husky Storm
Heather is a lucky girl to have a home where she can run on the beach and play and is in no danger of getting lost because her family know that Heather loves to run without stopping when not on a long lead.
Robbie has just left our care and is now in his forever home. He is beautiful lad and we hear he's being really good.
Domino is only small but full of fun and is now settling in to her new home and learning lots of new things