Welcome to our FOSTBC shop for all things Border Collie related

We have a great range of clothing plus hats, scarves and bags, calendars, Christmas cards, car stickers and gifts that you can choose which dog you would like for your FOSTBC logo, you can have Digby, Tess, Hope or Pip – or you can buy several items all with different logos.

We have two shops, one for clothing and one for other gifts...

We are grateful to G D B Manufacturing who are providing this clothing service for us to help raise money for our rescue.

How to place your clothing order:-

  • Click the link to take you to our clothing site where there are two pages for you to browse through.
  • Now you can start shopping;
  • Choose your item
  • Select your colour
  • Under the colours are the four dogs, hover over each dog for its name and select your choice
  • Where applicable choose your size.
  • All items are subject to VAT

Our FOSTBC song is now available to download...

I wrote this song not about dogs being in rescue but dogs going into loving homes, and that the only thing that a dog needs is someone to love them. Andy Lightfoot wrote the music and Reuben Wilkinson is instrumentalist and vocalist. These two lovely men volunteered to help with this song and all proceeds go directly to FOSTBC. Thank you for supporting our rescue and our dogs Barbara