Sanctuary Dogs

Dogs come into our Sanctuary care when they cannot be rehomed or, because of health or behavioural issues, have to be with us for a long time. They have gardens, paddocks and play areas for fun and relaxation, those that are able are taken for long moorland walks and when the weather is too wet they have covered play areas.

Most of our Sanctuary dogs are on special diets or medication and your sponsorship helps us to keep these special dogs safe, warm and comfortable for the rest of their lives with us.

When you sponsor a dog, you will receive a certificate with a picture of your chosen dog plus information on his or her background history, character and any special little cheeky traits.

Meet our sanctuary residents...

Timmy is mentally just a tad unstable, but he's a happy little soul - even if he is a little whacky. He loves to destroy his bed so he would love to be sponsored so he can keep having new ones.
Benny is full of fun & mischief but when it comes to strangers and other dogs his attitude kicks in. So we are now keeping the lovely Benny and his attitude safe in our Sanctuary
Our beautiful, funloving, crazy Cleo. We love her to bits but she's not without her little issues!
Tia had been shut away for a long time and was a very scared little dog when she came into care. She loves everyone at the Trust and enjoys her walks but she is OCD and isn't able to be rehomed.
He is a gentleman but also a bit of a loner who is very sensitive to change and can be moody.
Moss has learned how to be a quiet and peaceful lad and how to trust the people he knows, it been a long and patient time but he is now able to go out for walks
Joey was a sad little dog when he came into our care but is now relaxed, happy and in good condition
Ben is lovable but rarely ever still and his issues are such that we have moved him into FOSTBC Sanctuary
He is grand lad but does have a bit of attitude
Rocky came into our care as a very naughty young man having tried to redesign someone's home.