TLC Thinking Like Canines

Complicated dog? Is it nervous, aggressive, bad mannered? Or just confused? Or simply find out more about how your dog thinks and communicates. Barbara Sykes at Craven College May 10th 12.30 - 3.30 Tickets 4.00 each

Barbara Sykes is the founder of Freedom of Spirit Border Collie Trust, in Bingley. She will be holding a seminar with a Q&A session for those interested in dog behaviour and training. The seminar will be held at Craven College’s Aireville Campus in The Hall.

Barbara is the author of several dog training books, an accustomed TV and radio speaker, an international sheepdog handler, and trustee and Head of Behaviour at FOSTBC rescue.

Barbara will cover some of the most common breed training & behavioural problems including:

Pulling on a lead
Jumping up
Obsessive behaviour

Barbara will also cover some of the most common rescue related problems including:
Rescue issues
Settling a rescue in during the first few weeks
How to introduce him or her to another dog
Acquiring rescue back up

You can look forward to an entertaining and enlightening afternoon using a natural approach to communicating with our dogs. This will be a great event and tickets are available direct from Craven College or from the Trust.
To book your place through Craven college copy and paste the link below in your browser where you can book immediately on line.

or contact the Trust on how to pay to fostbc