Goodnight Girls

Tribute to Mel and Gyp On February 27th we had to say goodbye to one of our lovely Sanctuary dogs Mel, she was over 12 years old and for the last few weeks had become quieter and less active.........

On Friday she was wobbly on her legs and blood tests revealed both liver and kidney problems. We nursed her over the weekend, she was in no pain and was calm and sleepy but on Monday we called the vet out as her body was shutting down. She started her journey across the bridge very peacefully with her head on my knee.
Mel's passing is the end of an era for me and I know it will be also for Diane, Diana, Vicki and everyone who was involved in trying to find Mel's sister Gyp. Gyp's history is pinned to the top of our FB page and there isn't a day goes by that I regret letting her go into foster or not taking her back when I had a glimmer of uncertainty about her fosterers. At the time I thought it was best for Gyp and it could have been and she could still be here if her fosterers hadn't totally disregarded the conditions of foster. However that is the past and from Gyp I learned lessons that have since stood me in good stead, so as my late father used to say, never dwell on a negative, instead learn a positive from it. So true.
After months of searching for Gyp I make a promise that Mel would stay with us in Sanctuary and live her life as free as we could let her and she's done just that. She was never going to be a brave little dog but she has been a very happy one, she's had her own 'apartment' has loved going out on long walks, had her own set of collie friends and has spent warm sunny days dozing in the paddock or playing with her best collie buddy, Timmy.
Part of my promise included that as long as Mel was alive we would never stop the search for Gyp and the appeal we put up a year ago was our last chance of finding out if anyone anywhere knew anything about her and I thank everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for sharing but now is the time to unpin try and find closure and put Gyp to rest with Mel. I think perhaps Mel will find her sister now, I hope so as they really do deserve the perfect happy ending together.
RIP you two beauties who have taught me so much, I thank you.