Our Project

The Trust kennels are always full to capacity and we are hoping that all our supporters will continue to be the Trust's extended 'family' and help us with our project of opening a second Centre.

We are on a mission! We need to raise money, find a premises not too far from where we are now and open up another FOSTBC Centre.

We have some great ideas and it will be brilliant but at the moment we are at the 'little acorns' stage, so anyone who can fundraise, take part in sponsored events or be able to help us realise this dream please get in touch with us.

Every week we are having to turn dogs away because we don't have the room to take them in its heart breaking and the situation will get worse before it gets better. Which is why a huge part of our plan is education, training, and a brighter future not just for the collies that come into our care but for all breeds.

So please, join us and our project and help us to help these dogs have a brigher future.

We need help with manning the information stall we have that goes to shows, and venues for our talks which are informative, educational but never fail to bring a chuckle or two or more. We also need willing people to distribute brochures in their area.

Any ideas brought to the table will be gratefully received.

Please email or call for a chat on 01274 566250
Thank you