Our special little trio

Carrie, Bob and Buddy came into our care just after Christmas. They were scared, had never had a collar on and didn't understand people but they are now almost ready for rehoming. Take a look at their progress.

Bobby, the handsome head picture, is the more confident of the three. Then little Carrie, on the lead, who is now clean in her pen and then Buddy who loves to sit and have his cuddles as long as everything is very calm and quiet. The bottom picture is Buddy and Carrie the first few days in our care and look at them now the way they are progressing.

Bobby and Carrie are used to being on leads and Buddy is just learning, they all go out in the garden and all of them come when called, they don't live together so going to separate homes is not an issue. They still have a long way to go before they can be rehomed but they are moving forward quite quickly and anyone who would like to offer a home to one of them and can visit regularly would be able to take them sooner.