Preparing your dogs for after COVID-19

How will your dogs react when life goes back to normal and how you can help then re-adjust

As much as its great getting to spend more time with our dogs life will eventually get back to normal. When it does everyone will be out and about and going back to work and enjoying a social evening. The kids you can explain to but what about your dogs. They will be used to the 'now' routine of you being there all day everyday and then suddenly they are left alone, or go out with a dog walker and life isn't the same anymore. Even if one person doesn't work and stays at home the energy and human presence in the home have changed.
It may seem hard but for your dogs sake get them used to a bit of down time everyday where they are quiet and on their own. It doesn't need to be for a long time at all but try to be in their head for while when we all go back to normal. They don't know about coronavirus, they don't know about isolation. They know you were there giving them lots of attention and then its all changed and back to 'our' normal but not the one they've got used to.