FOSTBC Covid-19 precautions

Easing of restrictions

We are going to begin easing our lockdown but we have to make sure that our staff and therefore our dogs are not put at risk. Adopting a dog isn't like a visit to the local shop it is personal, and it is difficult for us to be personal when we also have to be clinical so please bear with us as we are trying to make this safe for everyone.

We will only be making appointments to see dogs that are ready for adoption, and dogs that don't require more than two visits.

Initially visits and completing paperwork will be done in the open air, the reception will remain closed.

If the weather on the day of any appointment is such that it will not be beneficial for potential adopter or dog to go ahead with the visit we will reschedule.

We will send you necessary paperwork and will ask you to print, sign and bring with you, if you do not have a printer we will send it to you to read through to make sure that signing it when you arrive takes minumum time.

We will be using gloves and hand sanitizer and we will have hand sanitier available but we would appreciate you bringing your own if possible to help us with our costs.

Please note that our reception and toilet facilitlies will not be available for visitors until futher notice.

Thank you for your patience and for working with us to help our dogs


We thank you all for you support its really appreciated please could you leave donations and dog items by the small gate and we will collect it. In case of wet weather let us know you are coming and we will collect asap.

Thank you.


A few tips and suggestions to help you to keep your dogs happy.
Dogs are not at risk from hand sanitizers they would have to drink a bottle of it to be at risk so keep it out of the way and all will be fine. Also if you wash your hands in hot water and soap you won't need to worry if you have a shadow of doubt about the sanitizer you are using.

If you live out in the country you may still be able to exercise your dog as usual but if you are in a built up area or in isolation then your dog will be getting less exercise.

DON'T WORRY, they don't need to have all that walking and running, a dog on garden exercise only will be fine, you just need to make a few adjustments
If you are letting your dog go out with a dog walker safeguard yourself as the walker will probably have taken out other dogs and met other people. Keep your 6ft distance when handing over and taking back but more importantly have gloves on when your dog returns and either spray or wash your dog lead. It might sound drastic but should your dog walker have symptoms then the lead is the one way it can be transmitted. Don't let precautions get out of hand but do be aware of the simple things that can protect you. If you are a dog walker even if the person you are walking the dog for is clear it would still be best to wear gloves and to spray the lead.

Check your dog's diet as with reduced exercise which they are used to they need an energy reduced even if only for a short while to help them to re-adjust. Try not to play games that will wind your dog up or get him excited as it will take some time to calm down again and if they are not out on a walk they donít have the return home walk to wind down.

If you have a garden your dog will be fine on garden exercise, and probably love it. Use this time to spend with your dogs inside and invent interesting calming games. negatives to positive here as even the perfect relationship can often do with a bit more bonding so enjoy.

While spending more time with your dogs don't get them so used to it that when normal hours are resumed they object. So if normally they spend some time alone - and some of you may not even be going out to the shops now but will later- make sure that the routine still happens. It might mean you spend a couple of hours on your bed away from your dog (or watching tele while he or she spends a couple of hours on the bed!!). Facetime a friend who may be going thro a bad patch and leave your dog in another room.

Finally stay safe guys, enjoy your dogs and I can be contacted by if needed