FOSTBC Fund Raising News

Don't miss this golden opportunity

Bev Ibbotson is a brilliant artist and has auctioned her services for doing a portrait of highest bidder's dog. All you have to do have a forever portrait of your dog is click the facebook button and place your bid

An amazing opportunity for you. One of our supporters and adopters Bev Ibbotson is a greetings card artist and has offered to do a portrait of a dog to help us to raise some money. Bev does her work in digital form so you can print the work in whatever size suits you. Some of you will have seen another of her portraits at our open day. Her work usually sells for hundreds of pounds so this is a chance for you to have a personal portrait done of your dog. The portrait here was done in about 30 mins so that you can see how clever she is. We are auctioning off this opportunity over the weekend on facebook and will close bidding at 7pm on Monday. All bids to be on our facebook post please so that we can keep track of them. if you click the 'f' at the top of our home page it will take you straight to our facebook page.
Thank you.