FOSTBC Fund Raising News

B's Challenge

We have a four year project where we are raising awareness of the Trust and funding to expand and open another Centre. This is our first event towards our Project to please help us to get started.

B's Challenge!
As I'm hoping you're all going to let people know about this challenge I will explain me, briefly! Digby, deaf dog, Ambassador dog for the Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies rescue. B is for Barbara who hand reared me and runs the rescue. Poor old girl is a bit old and stiff which is why I want you to help her, we're hoping to expand and open a second FOSTBC rescue centre (now known as B's project) so where folks raise money for our dogs B is going to try and raise some money for the Project. Silly old devil is doing a 7 mile horse ride round Harewood estate. Now according to my knowledge 7 miles to regular riders is nowt but this crazy lady has only ridden once in the last year (about six months ago) and before that not for yonks!
The pics? Well the amazing dog is me and the ruddy great brown thing is the horse she's going to be riding!
The ride is on July 3rd and if you want to support her (somebody has to or my life will be a bit mis for a few days after while she recovers) please support her via our giving page on this site and please would you reference it 'project' as that will go straight to an account for the project.
Thank you guys, luv yer lots Diggers.
ps This is on facebook so if you are on fb please visit our page and share like mad, really need a second centre as my bed is in danger of being taken over by a rescue dog!