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Helping Toby

Thank you to everyone who has supported Toby, he is now at home fit and well and will shorty be looking for his forever home. Read his story as he is a real survivor.

January 2nd 1pm
A sad little nine year old dog arrived from a pound, his volunteer driver had brought him a long way and was worried that he seemed constipated. He was not only constipated but had sufficient urine on his coat to indicate there was a problem that needed attention asap. We tracked his history and discovered he had been in and out of a pound several times, sold, abandoned to fend for himself, then a blank with no history and then the pound again.

At 4pm nameless 581 was rushed to the vets.
Diagnosis: perineal hernia and enlarged prostate
Treatment: PTS immediately or operation costing approx 1000.00
Feelings: decisions to be made between head, heart and what is best for little 581

Prognosis if we don't PTS: A good chance of full recovery providing that nothing untoward is discovered during the op and that the prostate isn't too large and that......
By this time both Pete (vet) and myself had decided that little 581 had been subjected to a crap life and been deserted in his time of need so to heck with it the heart is in full control and we operate!

January 3rd and 4th
518 is now Toby and on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory but he can't pee or poo and is dribbling urine in sad and smelly amounts.

January 5th 10am
Back at the vets with Toby - a kiss and a cuddle (Toby not a vet) and with fingers crossed and a few deep breaths I leave him in hospital.
11am: he's had bloods and a scan and a cyst on his prostate has been discovered, only small and it could reduce after the op. If not it would mean another op. Do we still want to give him a chance? Hell yes!
Noon: it's too soon to ring
1pm: still too soon
2pm: Pete is just carrying Toby back to his bed
4pm: phone call to say he's done really well, the op is a success, he's alive and well but a lot of after care needed.

January 6th
9am: Toby is fine and we can stop crying and moping, he's made it through the night but can't urinate yet and we don't really want him to pass any faeces yet as we don't want the repair to burst.

January 7th
Been to visit Tobes and he's fine, still not passing anything and had to have his bladder emptied. Did we do right, should we have let him go snuggled up on my knee, he is not young what if he doesn't ever get right, I made that decision and I hope to goodness it hasn't meant we are going to lose him.

January 8th
Toby is back home in a crate on my hall, taken him to the area he dribbled over when he came in and he lifted a leg and began to drip like a tap, two more attempts and bingo - we have a wee!! Late evening a very tiny poo!

January 9th
Or rather Jan 10th at 1am (!) Toby has a massive evacuation - so big I should've taken a pic! But its cold, blowing a gale and chucking it down so back to bed!

January 10th
Made bizarre phone call to vets; Toby had massive pee and poo and I'm very excited! I found out later that everyone at the vets involved with, or who had met Toby cheered along with me.

January 12th
Normal pee's still waiting for normal poo's but been back for a check today and Pete is delighted with him. Toby went into the reception and sat and..........wait for it....... he GRINNED at the girls behind the desk, then at Ben who looked after him and he gave Pete a big cuddle.

Toby still has a long way to go, he's got a skin infection and we are still waiting to cheer the 'perfect poo' but he's happy, well and free of pain.

Did we do right, did I make the right decision for the dog and for the Trust? Toby is probably the most grateful little rescue dog I've ever seen, I've worried, cried and sat up at night with him and I have no regrets, we have a massive bill to pay but being an older dog doesn't mean he hasn't as much right to a damn good old age as a younger dog with a problem. Once he has the all clear Toby can go into a home where he will continue to be one very special little dog (no doubt a very cheeky on as it's in his nature) but he will always have a special place here in the hearts of everyone of us at the Trust who has cared for him nursed him, cleaned him up and fought to give him a chance of being a normal healthy and happy little Toby.
A huge thank you to Aireworth Vets for their advice, support and aftercare, and to staff and friends of the Trust who have listened to me moaning about should we or shouldn't we, was I wrong or right, will he or won't he.
Well we did, we have and he will!

You can sponsor Toby and his medical bills on his Virgingiving page
or via our Paypal link. Please put his name as reference so it will go directly to his vet bills.
Thank you for helping us to give Toby a chance