Dog into rescue

Please consider carefully before putting your dog into rescue as it can be very stressful for a dog to be taken away from the home he knows and put into kennels. No matter how good the kennels or how dedicated the staff your dog is likely to feel confused and stressed when you leave him. Good training advice may give you an option to keep your dog and if it still isn’t possible have you tried to rehome him yourself.

While some dogs may have nervous aggression others can be more dominant and we cannot take into rescue a dog that we feel we are not going to be able to rehome

We take every care to match our dogs to the best homes for them but this can take time and money. If your dog needs neutering, vaccinating or microchipping we will ask you to make arrangements with your own vet to have these done. If this cannot be arranged we will, in most circumstances, ask for a donation to cover the cost of these with our own vet.

Please note we cannot help you if you are not the legal owner of the dog in question. If the information given is in any way not correct we have the right to hand the dog back at our convenience

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