(sanctuary dog)
Moss has learned how to be a quiet and peaceful lad and how to trust the people he knows, it been a long and patient time but he is now able to go out for walks

When Moss came to us he was so frightened that he would run up the walls of his pen rather than be touched.

For a long time it was as much as we could do to just to put him food and water in and clean him out as quietly as possible to keep the risk of him self-injuring to a minimum. Moss would huddle in a corner all day but on a night when the lights were out he would bark, jump up and generally come to life. This is typical behaviour found in dogs that have been penned up all their lives. They hide during the day when people are around but on a night they feel much braver.

Moss didn't want human company and sadly he didn't want other dogs either so it took a long time for him to begin to come out of his shell. He learned to walk on a lead and will follow anywhere he is taken but he only feels safe on home ground. He now goes in the play pens with other dogs, and enjoys their company. He goes in and out of his pen with ease and knows his name (although he is affectionately known as Moss 99) Moss isn't an affectionate dog by nature which has made his rehabilitation harder and a much longer process.

All our sanctuary dogs enjoy a stress free life. They have their own pens and small play area plus both under cover and outdoor larger areas so that all weathers are catered for. In warm dry weather they also have a large garden and paddocks to run free in.

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