Tess's a young girl at approximately 2 - 5 year(s) old. Tess loves people and needs a special home

Tess loves people, to the point of wanting to jump up and greet everyone she sees to the point of it causing problems in her previous home. She was also obssessive with sticks, stones, ball, and anything she could pick up off the ground and seek attention with. She was so obssessed that she would walk with her head hanging on the gound trying to pick things up. Her possessive streak and wanting all the attention had caused he to be aggressive with other dogs.
We have worked hard with Tess and she now walks well on a lead and this training needs keeping up, she will leave or ignore sticks and pebbles and will also walk past other dogs. Tess is ready for her new home but she needs to be in a home with someone who is able to keep up this training and will resist any temptation to throw things for her as this will re ignit her aggression to other dogs and kick start her obssessive nature again.
She has lived with children but she became wound up and is too boisterous to be in home again with children. She will not be a dog that can live with another dog or with a cat.

Adoption process:
1, please email your address and post code, number of people in your home, number of children at home or visiting, other dogs or pets in the home, hrs of work during and after Covid.
2, When we have received this information you can make an appointment for a visit to discuss adoption, the Trust's rescue policy, fill in application forms and discuss what kind of dog you need. Please note at this stage you are not visiting to see a dog.
3, Any subsequent visits will be to see a dog that may be suitable. We will know if the dog is the right for you but your decision to adopt will only be accepted after you have a 24 hour break away from the Trust.
4, Following visits will be to get to know your dog or to arrange a training session prior to taking your dog home.

Border Collies are not 'pets' they are highly intelligent and very sensitive companions. We are proud of the way our rescue dogs respond to the training we do with them to prepare them for their new homes. Our work is the foundation and we ask all potential adopters to be aware of the hard work involved in the first months of adoption. They don't come perfect they need your time and patience.

What we know about Tess ...

All our dogs are assessed carefully but the FOSTBC cannot be held responsible for changes in their behaviour once they have been rehomed