(sanctuary dog)
Joey was a sad little dog when he came into our care but is now relaxed, happy and in good condition

Joey came into our care in June 2013. He had been found wandering over moorland and was in a dreadful state, his hair was so matted it had to be clipped and he was covered in dirt and fleas. It took several months of careful feeding and care for him to begin to put weight on but as he became fitter it became apparent that he had a health problem.

Joey was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus which is rare in dogs and isn't easy to manage. To begin with he had to have drops in his eyes three time a day and although he was very patient it wasn't easy with more wasted than useful. He is now on tablets which, although far more expensive, are much more efficient as we know exactly how much he is getting. Joey will be on medication for life and he can't be rehomed as his sight isn't good and he can have mood swings if he is out of his comfort zone. Joey's care is ongoing as his problem does mean that he has to have several bed changes each day, but through it all he is a very happy lad who loves his cuddles and thoroughly enjoys spending time in the paddocks rolling and playing.

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