Cool's a young boy at approximately 2 - 5 year(s) old. Cool is ready for homing please read his info and how to contact us if you are interested in offering him a home

Cool can be like his name when all is calm but he does get wound up around other dogs.
He has a lovely nature and can me really companiable but he does need a home where he can be kept calm and where he won't be encouraged to be giddy, he needs to think rather than race around.
When cool is calm he is clean but if he gets wound up he may not be. He struggles to be clean on a night but out of a kennel situation and late night let our he will become much cleaner. Cool has had moments of not liking travelling but this also has improved and will do with more time.

Procedure during lockdown:
Please email the Trust to express an interest in Cool, if you have not previously contacted to be on our file you will need to also email the information below. Please note that during lockdown we are limited to rehoming near to the Trust.
Thank you

Due to a huge number of adoption enquiries please email your address and post code, number of people in your home, number of children at home or visiting, other dogs or pets in the home, hrs of work during and after Covid. We will not be able to email you back but your information will be filed. this system means that a first time enquiry won't take precedence over the offer of a good home that is already on our file.
Please do not ask for information about dogs under assessment. Thank you.
As always are first responsibility is to the dogs in our care.
Please note we will not be able to consider or respond to any enquiries about a dot until it is ready for homing

What we know about Cool ...

All our dogs are assessed carefully but the FOSTBC cannot be held responsible for changes in their behaviour once they have been rehomed