Buddy's a young boy at approximately 1 - 2 year(s) old. Ready for homing
Buddy needs a very calm and experienced home

Border Collies are not 'pets' they are highly intelligent and very sensitive companions. We are proud of the way our rescue dogs respond to the training we do with them to prepare them for their new homes. Our work is the foundation and we ask all potential adopters to be aware of the hard work involved in the first months of adoption. They don't come perfect they need your time and patience.

Buddy came into our care with some issues, reactive to strangers, pulling on a lead and constant jumping up, but he is slowly improving.

He can still be reactive to strangers and once he's knows them he will revert to trying to jump up.

Buddy is now good on a lead, but although as his reactive to strangers and jumping up issues have improved they were deep seated, so he needs someone experienced with such issues who can understand that he needs gentle but firm handling. Buddy will soon take advantage of anyone who allows him to revert back.

Buddy cannot be in a home where there are children, or children visiting, no cats and no other dogs. He needs to be in a one, or no more that two person very calm home and both must be experienced and be prepared to keep up his training programme.

Because of Buddy's previous issues and his needs his adoptive home cannot be too far from the Trust. We are still working with him and a prospective adopter must be prepared to work with us to make sure that Buddy's training programme is continued.

Due to a huge number of adoption enquiries please email your address and post code, number of people in your home, number of children at home or visiting, other dogs or pets in the home, hrs of work during and after Covid. We will not be able to email you back but your information will be filed. this system means that a first time enquiry won't take precedence over the offer of a good home that is already on our file.
Please do not ask for information about dogs under assessment. Thank you.
As always are first responsibility is to the dogs in our care.
Please note we will not be able to consider or respond to any enquiries until he is ready for homing

What we know about Buddy ...

All our dogs are assessed carefully but the FOSTBC cannot be held responsible for changes in their behaviour once they have been rehomed