yay!... Holly 's got a potential forever home. We’ll keep you posted with updates soon.
Rehomed !
Holly's a young girl at approximately 2 - 5 year(s) old. READY FOR HOMING and looking for a very special and patient home

Border Collies are not 'pets' they are highly intelligent and very sensitive companions. We are proud of the way our rescue dogs respond to the training we do with them to prepare them for their new homes. Our work is the foundation and we ask all potential adopters to be aware of the hard work involved in the first months of adoption. They don't come perfect they need your time and patience.

Holly is a sweetheart but she is also a very complex girl.
She can be fine with other dogs most of the time and will ignore them when out on a walk but she cannot live with one as she gets very jealous. She needs to be in a calm and quiet environment with country surroundings, where she doesn't need to be walked where there is a lot of traffic.

Holly is better suited to a home with only one person and would benefit more being in a 'one person' home or with two very like minded people.
Holly does have a good recall when she really knows someone but out and about she is, and may always be, a flight risk so she will need to be kept on a long line for a very long time.
Because of Holly's issues and her need for ongoing training and because she will need a lot of visits from her prospective adopter she can only be rehomed in very close proximity of the Trust so that afternoon and overnight stays with har adopter can be a possibility. It does some time for her to get used to new people but once she knows someone she is very loving.

Due to a huge number of adoption enquiries we have a temporary enquiry system. Please email your address and post code, the number people in your home, the number of children in the home or visiting, hrs of work during and after Covid, other dogs or pets in the home. We will not be able to email you back but your information will be filed. this system means that a first time enquiry won't take precedence over the offer of a good home that is already on our file.
As always are first responsibility is to the dogs in our care.

What we know about Holly ...

All our dogs are assessed carefully but the FOSTBC cannot be held responsible for changes in their behaviour once they have been rehomed