Misty's a young girl at approximately 2 - 5 year(s) old. This little girl is a real sweetie and very loving.

Misty has a lovely temperament and can be very cuddly but she is also quite submissive. One minute she is crawling on her belly as if butter wouldn't melt and the next she's on a chair and cuddling up to you.
She's clean in her pen, is crate trained, has been brilliant at the vets and is really lovely to deal with.
No such thing as the perfect dog though, she is not brilliant on a lead but is learning. Her recall is non existant as she tends to think she may be in trouble and cowers away but once she knows she's going to get cuddles she soon comes round.
Misty will need to be on a long line for quite a long time while she gains confidence and learns to have a good recall. She has a lovely temperament and would be fine for visiting children but because she needs a lot of time spending getting her confidence stronger she needs a home where there are no young children or lots of busy activities.

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What we know about Misty ...

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