Author : Barbara Sykes

Barbara Sykes, Trustee, Manager and head of behaviour

Barbara Sykes has a lifelong love of Border Collies, has competed in Sheepdog Trials at an International level and has worked with the rescue, rehabilitation and training of the breed from a young age, both in the field and the home. She is a consultant in canine behaviour and is a member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

Living with
Border Collies


Barbara explores how Border Collies have been adopted into the family home and how to get the most from your pet dog. Part One of the book provides the history of Border Collies, why they were bred and why they are so diverse, Part Two explores simple strategies and techniques to balance those instincts within a domestic setting, whilst still having fun with your dog and creating a strong partnership. Although developed with Border Collies in mind, these techniques are applicable to any breed, making an owner's life easier and a dog's life happier.

Border Collies


Border Collies respond to communication and company, which they can never get enough of, and they love the challenge of a game that makes them think, but over-stimulation of mind and body can lead to behavioural problems, particularly if the dog is then left to try to wind down on his own. Colour photographs throughout the book show how natural body language makes training much easier for a dog to understand and to respond to. Case histories are included with chapters on lead walking, basic training, problem solving, recall, keeping a dog's mind stimulated without winding him up.

Border Collies


Invaluable information on how to look into the mind of, communicate with, and understand your Border Collie, Barbara’s extensive experience and knowledge of the breed is passed on through the pages of this fully illustrated book Whether a first time owner or experienced handler, this book is an essential read, offering a true insight into how to achieve oneness with this unique dog.

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(a Children’s book)


'Ben' is one sheepdog's humorous and traumatic encounters with life on the road and the struggle by his young master to re-unite them. The book is 50 pages long and suitable to be read to children or read by the young at heart. Although this story about a boy and the life of his young dog is fiction a lot of the events are fact based on experiences with Barbara’s own dogs. It is an example of what can happen, and about the powers of reasoning possible in a dog, when a bond has been formed between him and a human being. All profits go directly into the FOSTBC to enable our ongoing work.