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Judy is over ten years old and has been with us a long time but most of her issues are resolved and she has mellowed so much that she has told us that she really is ready for a home of her own. she is active and loves going for walks, she will walk out with other dogs and leaves them alone. If she's not going for a walk she sits quietly in her bed and is very peaceful. She is happy in the garden but if you have a biscuit in your pocket she will try and get in the pocket with it! She can be funny with some other dogs so does need to be in a one dog only home but is okay with other dogs when out as long as they leave her alone.
Judy will be happy going for long walks or staying at home and playing in the garden so if you want a companion who is clean, happy and desperate for a home of their own Judy could be just the girl for you
To ask more about Judy Tel: 01274 566250

Judy just keeps getting better but she is very active girl and not very tactile as she is always too busy for cuddles. She loves going out for walks and although she is suspicious of people when she first meets them once out on a walk she soon settles down

update 20/08/2012
Judy is spending time in the house at the moment, she is clean and she loves going out for walks. Judy loves to be busy, in fact far to busy to be cuddly but she is a lovely little dog, is getting over her truamatic past and would love a home

Judy has been with one person for most of her life but has had some experiences which have left her a little defensive. She is a lovely dog but not the most tactile and does like to get to know people before being tactile. She is bouncy and full of herself but is still under assessment so updates will follow


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