Ambassador Dogs


Digby is deaf. He was born on Christmas day 2010 and came into the care of the Trust when he was under three weeks old. He is hand reared and lives with Barbara who has taught him how to communicate with body language he is the youngest of the Trust's Ambassador Dogs and loves his role of ‘meeting and greeting’. Digby has his own facebook page...


Tess works sheep on the farm and when not working loves doing her speciality 'wave' to get attention. She is our junior Ambassador Dogs and is learning how to be part of the team when they travel to functions and talks.


Mainline Megan is small, stocky, full of fun and has all her father's qualities both in temperament and working ability. She comes from some of the oldest working lines in the country and works sheep on the farm. She loves people and her manners are impeccable delighting everyone she meets with her ability to charm and ask for cuddles without being cheeky.


Jim is our oldest Ambassador dog, a true professional and a gentleman. He is semi retired but does still enjoy rounding sheep up and letting them know he is still around on the farm.

He delights children with his gentleness and will work willingly for them teaching both confidence and patience. Jim’s favourite pastime is attending functions and ‘guiding’ people to the Trust’s donation box while receiving lots of attention at the same time.